California Dreamin’: 11 Cannabis Options for the Best Sleep of Your Life

Leafly By Elise McDonough The Institute of Medicine estimates that up to 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep-related disorder, with 8.6 million of them risking addiction, overdose, and long-term health damage by turning to prescription pills as the solution. For most people suffering with sleeplessness, stress is the culprit. And we know cannabis can… Read more »

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The legal drug we should be worried about isn’t marijuana

The Boston Globe By Gianmarco Raddi Alcohol is a far more dangerous substance. Yet the state of Massachusetts is thinking about making it easier to get. Massachusetts recently issued its first recreational marijuana license, bringing pot more fully into the ranks of regulated substances. Bravo! Decriminalizing drugs is a tactic that has been demonstrated to… Read more »

Senate Could Vote On Marijuana Banking Protections This Week

Marijuana Moment by Tom Angell wo senators are trying to force a vote this week on a new measure that would prevent federal officials from “carry[ing] out activities that prevent or interfere with the implementation of State laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession, or cultivation of marijuana.” The amendment, filed on Tuesday by U.S. Sens…. Read more »

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Pot smokers are setting aside their joints in favor of edibles, pills and extracts

USA Today By Trevor Hughes DENVER – Marijuana users across the country are setting down their bongs, putting away their joints and moving away from smoking pot. It’s not that people are giving up on cannabis – far from it. But retailers across the country report that consumers are increasingly switching from smokable marijuana to… Read more »

London physician says weed is safer than most drugs he prescribes

The London Free Press By Hank Daniszewski A London doctor is breaking new ground in authorizing pot use by patients. Dr. Michael Hart set up his practice a year ago and has been prescribing medical marijuana for several months. Until now, the focus on London physicians giving the green light for patients to use pot… Read more »